Legionella Risk Assessments
Legionella Risk Assessment

Sentinel Water produces fully compliant, site specific Legionella Risk Assessment Reports ..... read more.

Water Treatment

Maintaining water systems in a condition free from the sludge and sediment which can accumulate, significantly reduces the risk from microbiological contamination .... read more.

Tank Installation

We can carry out remedial work in order to reduce risks and improve the quality and safety of the water. .... read more.


Establish a carefully planned Control Scheme to manage the risk from legionella and other microbiological contamination .... read more.

Record Keeping
Record Keeping

Maintain full records of the control measures taken to safeguard the condition of the water system and ensure good water quality .... read more.

Consultancy Services

Technical, project management and consultancy services on any aspect of water treatment .... read more.