Monitoring and Inspections

Sentinel Water can help you establish a carefully planned Control Scheme to manage the risk from legionella and other microbiological contamination. It is essential to constantly monitor the condition and security of the water system in order to confirm its continued safe status.

Through a programme of regular inspections, water analysis and temperature checks, Sentinel Water will establish the following information:

  • Confirm the condition of the hot and cold water system against the Risk Assessment in order to ensure the information is still current and correct.
  • Check water temperatures and adjust where necessary
  • Specify and risk grade any areas of potential risk or areas of non compliance
  • Confirm the condition and security of the tank room
  • Recommend and prioritise an action plan for remedial works based around budgetary or other constraints
  • Update the Site Log Book
  • Check the accuracy and efficiency of on-site record keeping
  • Take water samples as recommended in the Risk Assessment